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Our Services

Lasers and
Photon LED Light

  • Intense Pulse Light (IPL)
    This treatment uses broad spectrum pulse of light for hair removal, photorejuvenation, anti varicose veins and even very effective for acne where each specific skin conditions utilizes certain filters. It has a German lamp technology which emits a very cool effect on the skin and not painful during the session.

    The number of sessions will vary from one patient to another for example for the hair removal, if the hair is thicker or darker or thinner and lighter in color.
  • Ultrasonic Photon Facial
    This is a facial with combined LED light and ultrasound technology which allows infusion of specific serums for whitening, anti-aging and anti-acne.

    Red led light is for inflammations like acne and swelling and anti aging. Blue light is antibacterial like acne breakouts. Green light is for uneven complexion and hyperpigmentations.

    This treatment can use combined colors to address all skin problem in one treatment. It has specific serums to boost and seal the effect on the skin.
  • Photodynamic Light Therapy Facial
    It is an advanced facial treatment that uses light phototherapy with infusion of specific serums to address various skin problems. It has 7 different led lights that is good for speeding up healing and minimizing open pores. It also kills the bacteria causing acne, detoxifies impurities, hydrates the skin and, overall, it reduces the signs of aging because of its collagen stimulating power.

    It requires no downtime and is painless. It is very safe that it can be done 2-3x a week for faster and better results.
  • European Tri-Synergy Neck and Body Contour
    European Tri-Synergy Neck and Body Contour with whitening boosters and anti-aging and detoxifying lymphatic massage.

    This treatment is a 30-minute powerful triple combination of advanced high speed massage, LED light therapy and thermotherapy in one. It addresses fine lines and firm the skin on the neck (wrinkle, double chin), shoulders (pain and stiffness), thighs (cellulites and fats), arms (fats and sagged) and buttocks (saggy areas).

    It uses 3 LED lights:
      • BLUE Light - anti-bacterial which helps reduce acne
      • - helps cool down the skin up to -1 degree Celsius
      • - it increases the Oxygen levels into the skin
      • - shrinks the pores

      • GREEN Light - promotes microcirculation in the epidermis layer and helps drain toxins
      • - reduces swelling by calming the skin

      • RED Light - helps to increase the skin cells vitality which improves blood circulation
      • - promotes collagen, thus improves lines and wrinkles to firm up the skin
      • - it heats up to 45 degrees Celsius which help the products penetrate deeper and improve skin texture

    During the treatment, a deep infusion of specific serums will be applied that makes the treatment give a promising effect.

    Frequency: can be done 3x/week

    The process ends with a very relaxing lymphatic massage that leaves that detoxifying effect. No needles, painless, and no downtime. Can be for both females and males. It is safe especially with its European FDA approval which ensures its gold standards.