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9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, except on certain holidays

About the Doctor

Dr. Erika Mori

Dr. Erika P. Mori is an Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck and Facial Plastic Surgeon who started her specialization in the Philippines and took further training in Europe, in Belgium and in Germany. Having a special interest in aesthetic medicine has deeply motivated her to run her own clinic where she and her colleague specialist introduced Nannic, an international skin care company from Belgium here in the Philippines.

Dr. Mori has handled many popular celebrities in our country and has them as their clinic ambassadors. She personally trained her clinic staffs and shared her knowledge which she would proudly call it as gold standard of European skin care. Being a doctor she makes sure that the health is never compromised in order to look good. She believes that both health and beauty should be equally balanced.