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Our Packages

Face and Neck Packages

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  • Whitening Package
    This is a complete treatment combination with highly recommended whitening skin care products that will surely defy the common dark spots/freckles, uneven and dark skin complexion to a flawless and luminous skin with a rosy white glow.

    Recommended for: melasma, uneven skin tone, dull skin
  • Anti-Acne Package
    This is a complete Anti-Acne cure treatment with Anti-Acne medicines composed of topical antibiotics and oil control soaps and solutions to eradicate the stubborn bacteria and at the same time with exfoliating keratolytics to address post acne marks. Safe for teens at their peak of hormonal changes.

    Recommended for: acne breakouts
  • Anti-Aging Package
    Aging will be graceful with this complete treatment combination of anti-aging with active whitening elements, that will help fade signs of aging. A solution for a youthful and healthier skin.

    Recommended for: wrinkles, sagged skin, dry skin and age spots

Body Packages

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  • Whitening Glow Body Peel Package
    (Per area) A 5 sessions treatment with complete body whitening medicines (arms, legs, thighs, butt, hands, foot, front and back)

    Except for underarm area: 3 session treatment

    Recommended for: darkened skin, dull and uneven skin tone
  • Slim, Sexy and Firm Package
    A safe and faster nonsurgical method to melt down the stubborn fats with highly effective combination of Nannic NBE RF with active serums for fat reduction and Mesotherapy lipo treatment that targets the deeper fat areas.

    Accompanied with daily take home Nannic slim and firm serum and FREE Diet Plan coaching.

    Recommended for: excess fat deposits over the arms, abdomen, thighs, double chin
  • Cellulite and Firming Package
    A complete solution to eliminate the unsightly skin dimpling and flaccid areas of arms, thighs, buttocks and submentum after the weightloss through the combined mesotherapy lipo and Nannic NBE RF with active serum for cellulite.

    For daily take home Nannic slim and firm serum.

    Recommended for: dimpling of the skin over the thighs
  • Fade Away Scar Package
    Finally a solution to fade away those ugly darkened scars, through combination of whitening peel sessions and the ultimate combination of Nannic RF using active serums for hyperpigmentation and striae plus the advanced Nannic DS (deep skin) using scars and hyperpigmentation serum.

    A very effective combination of the 2 Nannic devices put together for scars.

    For daily take home treatment with whitening regimen.

    Recommended for: hyperpigmented superficial scars
  • Glutathione Injection with Vitamin C Package
    A 1 to 2-month program of anti-oxidant and skin whitening. Intervals and number of sessions will have to be discussed with the physician.

    Uses Italian imported brand approved by FDA.

    Recommended for: stressed patients and those who needs to boost up their immune system to reduce tendency of getting cough/colds. Acne prone patients and those with allergic reactions. It has a secondary skin lightening effect so it is commonly used for whitening.
  • Gluta High Dose Drip Package
    A 5000mg dose of glutathione with collagen, vitamins A, C and E. It is a super antioxidant to boost the immune system and has the secondary effect of skin lightening.

    A weekly session of IV drip for the 1st 1-2 months with tapering dose thereafter.

    Recommened for: weak immune system, allergies, acne prone and those with dull and uneven skin tone because of stress factors like smoking, lack of sleep and over exposure to harmful sunlight.
  • Slimming and Firming Mesotherapy Package
    A non invasive and non-surgical method to lose the deep stubborn fats that is difficult to burn with diet and exercise alone.

    With Nannic Slim and Firm for daily home treatment and FREE Diet Plan coaching.

    Recommended for: patients who needs to lose excess weight and has no regular workout or exercise. But it is better if we combine diet and exercise to achieve faster and significant weight reduction.
  • Dare to Bare Sexy Legs Package
    An immediate way to eliminate the unsightly varicosities and be able to bare those long and sexy legs without the veins through injecting sclerosing agents for 2-3 sessions and combining with a take home Nannic venatrix serum treatment as maintainance.

    Recomended for: spider veins and varicose veins. Note: number of sessions will vary depending on the severity of the varicosities.

Purely Machine-Based Packages

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  • Deep Skin Whitening Package
    A dual treatment where we mechanincally peel off the top layer of the skin followed by infusion of specific serums like for hyperpigmentation and combined with our whitening skin products.

    Recommended for: at least 6 sessions for melasma and darkspots
  • Deep Skin Couperose Package
    Same as Deep Skin Whitening Package but uses the couperose serum.

    Recommended for: at least 6 sessions for dark undereyes and tiny facial veins (couperose)
  • Deep Skin Wrinkle Filler Package
    Same as Deep Skin Whitening Package but uses the hyaluronic wrinkle filler serum.

    Recommendedfor: at least 6 sessions for deep wrinkles/lines, dry and rough skin.
  • Professional Deep Skin Scars Package
    Same as Deep Skin Whitening Package but uses the scars serum.

    Recommended for: hyperpigmented scars, acne marks and stretchmarks
  • Anti-Acne Oil Control Radiofrequency Package
    Uses the advanced Nannic RF concept with usage of impure serum that regulates the excessive oil production thus prevents the acne breakouts without the downtime and it is painless.

    Recommended for: oily and acne prone skin
  • Diamond Micro Peel Facial Package
    Uses the fine crystal diamond tip will slough off old skin and will help result to a tighter pores and prevents the skin to be clogged which is the cause of whie heads and black heads build up. And smoothens the skin and make it look fresh and healthy

    Recommended for: dull and oily skin, mild acne marks
  • Non-Surgical Face Lift and Sculpting Package
    A 6-session Nannic RF package which uses specific serums for sagged skin, wrinkles, droopy eyes, laugh lines, forehead lines and very popular for face minimizing effect which most women are very conscious about. Without the injection like botox or fillers. Very safe and effective.

    Recommended for: sagged face, broad face, crows feet and laughlines
  • Ultimate Anti-Aging Package
    (Nannic RF and DS combined) A very powerful anti aging combination of the 4 sessions of Nannic DS and 5 sessios of Nannic RF. A perfect take home treatment is the Nannic Excellence or other Nannic Anti-aging skin care line.

    Recommended for: deep wrinkles, large eyebags and very sagged face and neck and deep melasma or age spots.