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Our Brand Ambassadors

  • Gladys Reyes

    Gladys Reyes (Actress, TV Host, Producer)

    One of the country's most loved actress, Gladys Reyes (known by the alias Philippines' Primera Kontrabida) is an award-winning actress, TV host and producer. She is best known for playing kontrabida roles. We are so proud to have you as one of our Clinique Esthetique ambassadors.

  • Aisaku Yokogawa

    Aisaku Yokogawa (Japanese OPM Artist, Interpreter and Host)

    He may be a Japanese on the outside but he is Filipino by heart. He basically grew up and had his education here in the Philippines. He rendered and translated some Filipino great original hits into Japanese versions. Aisaku is very humble inspite of the recognitions he has received. He also gives time to pamper himself amidst his busy schedule as an artist.

  • Kuya Sawa

    Kuya Sawa (Model, Actor)

    A.k.a. ”Kuya Omurice” after he became viral in social media for selling Japanese rice omelette “Omurice” in various locations in Metro Manila. And with his naturally handsome looks and tall stature, he is getting a lot of endorsements from clothing lines and even films with known local artists. It is not a surprise how he is soaring high so fast, though being a foreigner, he is studying to learn the local language.

  • Raqi Terra (Celebrity DJ of 90.7 Love Radio)

    One of the most notable DJs in the radio industry of this generation. She is very witty and talented at her profession. Her contagious laughs and humors captivate everybody, not only of her beautiful looks but her very pleasant personality. If you want to feel good, you should listen to her daily program and she will definitely brighten up your day, just as what she does when she visits us at the clinic for her pampering.

  • Joj and Jai Agpangan

    Joj and Jai Agpangan (Celebrity Twins, Model)

    Meet our newest clinic ambassadors, the former finalists of the popular Pinoy Big Brother show, Joj and Jai who have finally signed up with us. These two young and high spirited ladies are very talented and active at their craft. We love to have them at the clinic because of their very friendly and bubbly personalities with everyone. It is always bright and warm having them around even on cold and rainy days.

  • Ana Guillen Feleo

    Ana Feleo (Actress, Opera Singer)

    She is a true blooded actress and opera singer of the Philippines, who is the eldest daughter of 2 great and respected showbiz personalities. Her mom being Laurice Guillen, a multiple awardee and acclaimed actress and director and her dad the late Johnny Delgado a movie actor, comedian and writer. Just like her mom, she trains young budding artists where she is the head facilitator of acting workshops for the talents of GMA Artist Center. A very humble lady inspite her famous roots, and we are always delighted to have her at the clinic for her skin rejuvenation.

  • Ana Guillen Feleo

    Ina Feleo (Actress)

    Catalina Guillen Feleo, popularly known as Ina Feleo, is a Filipino actress, figure skater, dancer, and writer. She rose to fame for playing the main antagonist role as Odessa in romantic-horror-drama of GMA Network, "Hanggang Makita Kang Muli." She is the youngest daughter of Actor Johnny Delgado and Director Actress Laurice Guillen, and the younger sister of Ana Feleo, also an actress and an opera singer. We are so proud to have such a great talented lady of such roots.

  • Laurice Guillen

    Laurice Guillen (Film Director)

    She is a multi-awarded actress and film director of the country. She is also the spouse of the late actor and writer Johnny Delgado. She is a mother to 2 beautiful and talented actresses Anna and Ina Feleo. This 2019, she has been given a huge recognition of Lifetime Achievement Award by known award giving bodies such as Famas and PMPC Star Awards. We are so proud to announce that she is officially one of our clinic ambassadors.

  • Tina Chosera

    Tina Chosera (Tee Radio DJ, Vlogger)

    Tina Chosera aka Lamon Queen is Tee Radio's pioneer DJ and known for making viral food videos and challenges. She eats a lot on her food challenges but manages to maintain a sexy figure with the help of Clinique Esthetique slimming treatments. She is currently the vice president of Tee Radio, the biggest online radio in the Philippines with over 9 million followers and the company behind the viral videos of today.