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Our Services

Graceful Aging
and Detoxification

  • Nannic NBE Deep Skin (DS)
    A dual concept which combines a mechanical dermabrasion combined with infusion of specific active serums through the micro-channels of the skin.

    It has 2 steps:
    a. Ablator which exfoliates the outer skin layer
    b. Infuser which allows serums to be infused without cutting or injecting the skin

    It can tighten large pores, improve skin’s moisture and elasticity, lighten dark spots and melasma, improve stretchmarks and acne scars and also combats deep lines or wrinkles through increasing collagen and elastin production of the skin.
  • Nannic NBE Radiofrequency (RF)
    Is a diathermic energy transfer with usage of specific serums for skin tightening/lifting, couperose or tiny veins, cellulite, fat reductions, stretchmarks, hyperpigmentations, anti-acne and wrinkles.

    Unlike other RF treatments, it is UNIQUE because we have specific serums, and it works through the lymphatic system which allows drainage of toxins out of the body.

    It is definitely SAFE because of its capacitive energy transfer where energy is isolated to the skin and muscles, and does not go to the nerves bones nor to the vital organs.